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When considering a condo investment, it is important to also factor in the property’s maintenance and management. Condos typically come with maintenance fees that cover the upkeep of shared areas…
Purchasing a condo in Singapore offers numerous benefits, among them being the opportunity for capital growth. Singapore’s prime position as a leading global business center, accompanied by its robust economic…
Before investing in a condominium, it is crucial to evaluate the expected rental yield. This refers to the annual rental income as a percentage of the condo’s purchase price. In…
Due to its limited land availability, Singapore faces high demand for condos, especially in urban living areas. As a small island nation with a growing population, the government has implemented…
Nestled just a few minutes’ drive away from Norwood Grand Woodlands, Vista Point presents a distinct array of retail options. This bustling neighborhood complex is home to essential conveniences such…

St Gabriel Secondary School

St Gabriel’s Secondary School is located within the Serangoon district of Singapore. It is an all boys school that first opened way back in 1953. The school is a Roman Catholic one, and the government of Singapore contributed half of the money needed to build it, S$71,000 out of a grand total of S$150,000. To begin with it was only a modestly sized school with just over 200 students. It was established by the monk Louis Gonzanga. Including this school there a total of seven St Gabriel schools on the island, all linked to each other and affiliates of the Roman Catholic Church.

St Grabriel Secondary School Forestwoods

Generally the students that attend the school live in the Serangoon district itself, and people will move into the area to ensure that their son or sons can enroll at this school. Originally the boys primary school was also on the same …

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Heartland Mall

Heartland Mall is a small shopping centre with a convenient location. Heartland Mall is in the Hougang district of Singapore. The Heartland Mall offer a variety of products in the one hundred twelve shops and boutiques inside. If you are looking for a unique gift or don’t want to wear the same dress as everyone else to the school dance, The Heartland Mallis for you.

Heartland Mall near Forestwoods Residences

Heartland Mall has something for everyone. You can go out for lunch, shop til you drop in the fashion stores, drop the kids off for a tutoring session, and get do your grocery shopping all at the same time. There is no need to run all over, Heartland Mall has everything you need.

Forest Woods Heartland Mall

Cold Storage is a popular grocery store in Singapore that is located in the Heartland Mall. Tutoring and education services can be found …

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Nanyang Junior College

Located at 128 Serangoon Avenue in Singapore, Nanyang Junior College was founded in 1977 and is one of Singapore’s oldest junior colleges. Nanyang Junior College’s is a renowned two year school whose motto is, “together we build”.

Forestwoods Serangoon Lew Lian

Nanyang Junior College is a Singapore school that offers the Chinese Language Elective to their students, along with scholarships for those with the desire to pursue the Chinese language. Nanyang Junior College also offers the Art Elective Program to encourage and support the incredibly creative students that have chosen to continue their education there. This school encourages its students to join one or more of the many clubs and sports they have available. This includes the chess club, guitar ensemble, cultural clubs, and more.

City Developments Forestwoods Lew Lian

Nanyang Junior College strives to train their students to develop the life skills needed to become the leaders of tomorrow. …

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Maris Stella High School

Singapore’s Maris Stella High School was founded more than fifty-five years ago and has been providing students with a well-rounded education since the day it opened. In it’s very first year in 1958, Maris Stella High School consisted of only four primary and four secondary students. Bilingualism, human and academic excellence are the main focus of Maris Stella High School.

Forest Woods Residences CDL Lew Lian

After expanding and moving several times over the last five decades near Forest Woods, Maris Stella finally settled into its current permanent location in 1987. In 2002, this elite school was awarded the N4 Cluster of Excellence for Information and Communication Technology. Among other awards bestowed upon Maris Stella are the Singapore Distinction Class and Sustained Achievement Awards.

Forestwoods CDL Lew Lian Condo

Maris Stella High School at Serangoon Central offers a variety of classes and programs to help their students get the education …

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Nex Shopping Centre

Located at 23 Serangoon Central in Singapore, the massive Nex Shopping Mall is a towering seven stories tall. Nex Shopping Mall is the largest shopping mall in North-Eastern Singapore. Nex Shopping Mall offers a variety of shopping and entertainment for all ages.

Nex Shopping Centre Serangoon

Reaching the Nex Shopping Mall could not be easier. Both the Serangoon Bus Interchange and the Serangoon Interchange Station provide transportation services Hillhaven Condo for mall shoppers. For shoppers that choose to drive rather than utilize the massive public transportation system in Singapore, there is a large car park with plenty of parking space.

Nex Forest Woods Singapore

Your children and pets will enjoy visiting Nex Shopping Mall. SkyGarden, located on the rooftop of Nex Shopping Mall, contains a children’s play area and a dog park. Dogs are not allowed in the mall itself, but have access to the dog park using lifts, where …

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Serangoon Shopping Centre

Located at 765 Upper Serangoon Road in Hougang,Singapore, the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre offers an old-fashioned, old school shopping experience. Serangoon Shopping Centre is over forty years old, built in the 1970’s.

Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre Forest Woods

Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre used to be a up and coming shopping mall, but business slowly dwindled away. With new condominium complexes, other new businesses, and eateries in the area, the Upper Serangoon Shopping Center is experiencing a revival. Once empty spaces are being filled with new shops and boutiques.

Forest Woods Lew Lian City Developments

The Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre is in a prime location. Several popular eateries are nearby, drawing in more customers. The Y2000 Eating House and Have U Eaten CafĂ© are two of the more popular eateries nearby. Also close by are several supermarkets. After shopping at the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, you can Zion Road Condo stop …

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Latest Updates at Forestwoods

Official Website for Forest Woods (Last Updated 04 Oct 2016)

04-10-2016: Forest Woods to launch this Saturday. Great anticipation received.

28-09-2016: Great crowd turnout at Forest Woods showflat last weekend.

21-09-2016: Forest Woods showflat begins viewing this Saturday.

18-09-2016: Forest Woods near to Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School

13-09-2016: Showflat for Forest Woods located next to Serangoon Central.…

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