Forest Woods Condo Lorong Lew Lian Yang Zheng Primary School

When Yang Zheng Primary School had opened its doors in 1905 it was used to teach Cantonese children. Construction was complete in 1908 and taught approximately 100 kids with a focus on Chinese. The Primary School had continued teaching children and striving for excellence with expansions over the many years. In 2015 it celebrated 110 years of service to teaching children and held many ceremonies to share its success. The school has grown over the years and provided more programs and academics for the children to take advantage of. Their plans over the years have been to focus on the children’s learning and continuing to offer more subjects that they can exceed in.

Forestwoods Yang Zheng Primary School

Numerous awards were given to the school to show the appreciation for all of its achievements that it had maintained over the years near Forestwoods. The school has a wonderful mission statement for its expectations for the students who attend. The goals of the mission statement are to provide a supportive environment for each student and meet their fullest potential at all levels of learning. A networking of parents and staff have made an important factor to keep communications open to everyone who interacts with the school system. This networking process is a way to introduce parents to each other and keep everyone informed of the children’s learning and activities for Forestwoods Lew Lian.

Forestwoods at Lorong Lew Lian

The Yang Zheng Primary School is located near the Maris Stella High School. These Singapore educational facilities strive to keep education an important aspect of the children’s lives. The success’s that this school has obtained year after year shows the level of education that it continues to provide. There are many events that parents, staff, and student can attend to keep the learning experience fun and inspirational on all levels of academics. It also gives the networking process a chance to flourish and engage all parents who attend.