Forestwoods Condo Lew Lian Condo at Serangoon

The Forest Woods development is a new development featuring condominium and apartments that are being developed in Singapore, in the Upper Serangoon area. The development is being worked on by a company called City Developments, who are working on several other properties in the area. The development is under lease for 99 years, and will be offered as a home to many young couples, and small families, that are looking to make their homes in one of Singapore’s most interesting areas.

Forest Woods Condo

There will be around 500 units in the condominium once it is completed, and there will be a nice selection of amenities, including an on-site gym, tennis courts, a small parkland, some meeting rooms, and a family area. The intent is to make Forest Woods condo in serangoon a walkable area, with public transport links close to the project, and shopping centers and grocery stores within easy reach. Those who can drive, however, will still find it a convenient location, since there will be car parks on site, and the development is located near a highway. The Forest Woods CDL is located in Upper Serangoon – a residential town that was originally settled by Indian traders, and that is best known for its beautiful gardens. While the area has a rich Indian history, a lot has changed in recent years. The area is now a bustling residential area with a number of activities to choose from, and with a busy community club, a respected community college, and good public transport links.

Forestwoods Condo Singapore

The Yang Zheng Primary School is not far from the condominium in Serangoon Central for Forest Woods. The school has been open for 110 years, and it has grown to be far more than just a simple school for teaching young children. There are numerous programs for children to take part in, and the school offers a wide range of subjects for children to specialize in. Once children leave the Yang Zheng Primary School, they will move on to the Maris Stella High School, which is also located near the condo. This school has a good network of staff, parents and students that work together to keep the learning experience as fun, inspirational and varied as possible, and those who graduate often stay in touch with the school.

Forest Woods Serangoon Condo

There are many other facilities within easy reach of the condominium both by public transport and by car. The Heartland Mall, for example, is a popular area for both grocery shopping and general shopping, with plenty of dining options too.

Forestwoods condominium has some nice facilities on site, so residents can exercise, host meetings, relax with their families, and have most of their day to day needs met without having to travel far – but those who do like to get out and about for a while will find no shortage of things to do. Whatever age you are, if you’re looking for somewhere to settle down, somewhere that can grow with your family, then you will find that this condominium is a brilliant option for you.


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