Forestwood Indicative Pricing and Showroom Location

Forest Woods is one of several housing developments currently being constructed on the island of Singapore. The prime mover in this development of executive condos is the firm City Development Limited with a couple more firms that are investors but not involved in any of the construction work itself. This CDL led consortium was the one that successfully won the bidding for the 99 year lease. The whole process is run by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and is geared towards getting enough housing units constructed on the island to provide to meet the housing needs of a growing population. The URA is intent upon ensuring there is enough redevelopment land available to have both homes and commercial properties constructed.

Forest Woods Condo City Developments Limited Showflat Location

With several housing projects including Forest Woods in the process of being built those people looking to buy their first home, or considering moving to another one have plenty of choices. Some of the rival housing projects are due to be completed before Forestwood condominium own completion date of some point during 2020. Therefore people would have to have sound reasons for waiting to move into this complex when they could move into somewhere else months or even years earlier.

Waiting a bit longer in order to buy a condo in the Forest Woods complex may allow them more time to save for a deposit yet it could mean it will take them longer to move into a place of their own. With all the housing projects being of a similarly high standard the final decision as to where to buy a condo may come down to such criteria as what shopping facilities are within the immediate area, the reliability of transport links, or indeed the nearest schools to their prospective new home. Forest Woods TOP Date is around in 2019 and Forestwood Showflat location is in Serangoon Central

Forestwood Indicative Price by Developer

For some people having to wait for up to four years to buy one of the 500 condos at Forestwoods City Developments Limited would not prove to be a problem in the slightest, as will give them greater scope to pay a large deposit for one. It will also give them time to think about the good features of living in the complex. Avid shoppers could look forward to the NEX Shopping Mall, the Heartland Mall, or the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre all been within easy reach of their new homes. With regular bus and MRT services only a two or three minute walk away people could even leave their cars behind whilst they are shopping. With some of the best known retailers at these malls people will be able to shop till their heart’s content.

Forestwoods Serangoon Condo Floor Plans

With CDL making a high percentage of the planned 500 units three or four bedrooms they would expect many families wanting to buy condos. To that end the proximity and the quality of the schools within the area could persuade parents that is a good idea to move into the complex. Some of the best schools around are the Maris Stella High School and also the Zhonghua Secondary School.