St Gabriel Secondary School Forest Woods Serangoon

St Gabriel’s Secondary School is located within the Serangoon district of Singapore. It is an all boys school that first opened way back in 1953. The school is a Roman Catholic one, and the government of Singapore contributed half of the money needed to build it, S$71,000 out of a grand total of S$150,000. To begin with it was only a modestly sized school with just over 200 students. It was established by the monk Louis Gonzanga. Including this school there a total of seven St Gabriel schools on the island, all linked to each other and affiliates of the Roman Catholic Church.

St Grabriel Secondary School Forestwoods

Generally the students that attend the school live in the Serangoon district itself, and people will move into the area to ensure that their son or sons can enroll at this school. Originally the boys primary school was also on the same site. When the primary school to a new site during the 1960’s it allowed the secondary school to increase it’s total number of pupils as well as having better facilities. From that era as well the school began to provide students with excellent academic and technical educations. By 1970 the Cambridge Examining Board noted that this school was among the best performing schools outside of the UK itself. Even in those days an impressive 71% of students gained the equivalent of O levels.

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That reputation for academic and technical excellence has arguably grown since then. Indeed when parents are considering the best secondary school in that area of the country. The school employs the best qualified teachers to go hand in hand with it’s top class facilities and equipment. The students that leave this school have really good prospects for going to university and successful careers too.