Nanyang Junior College Serangoon Forest Woods Showflat Location

Founded back in 1977, Nanyang Junior College near Forest Woods has continued to offer quality education in Singapore. It is one of the oldest junior colleges in the country. Not many junior colleges would boast of a better reputation than the Nanyang especially when it comes to quality offered. The institution hit the news recently for adjusting the school timetable to meet student needs. Normally, most Junior Colleges in Singapore begin classes at 7:30, but this institution adjusted that to 8:30 giving room for better preparation before classes.

Nanyang Junior College Forest Woods Serangoon Showflat

When it started, it has a 600 student enrollment with its first principal being Mr Chia Khoon Hock. H served the school for 19 years and oversaw the name change from Lorong Chuan Junior College to the current name. The main goal of the institution was to teach arts and social sciences. Over the years, the college has diversified its abilities offering courses in a wide variety of fields. Recently, the college has seen incredible improvements in its cut off points for both arts and sciences. This has thus placed the school as a top priority for most students in the country.

Nanyang Junior College near Lorong Lew Lian Serangoon Central

The main goal of Nanyang Junior College next to Forest Woods Showflat is to equip students with proper life skills. They have thus designed programs to suit modern demands of the society. The courses are divided into three levels including H1, H2 and H3 at Nex Shopping Centre beside Serangoon Central Lorong Lew Lian. You will find mother tongue lessons being taught in, Malay, Tamil and even Chinese. There are also programs on Economics, Math, Biology and even English. These courses are designed well to offer the needed foundation for further university education. A number of students recently hit the news after the school allowed them to do unique combinations of subjects than before. At Nanyang Junior College, all your needs will be adequately taken care of.

Nanyang Junior College Showflat Nex Shopping Centre

Top performing students at Serangoon MRT Interchange are every years offered scholarships by the institution. A good number of students have been given scholarships to further their Chinese Language learning. You will also scholarships in multiple disciplines be it in arts or sports. Those with creative talents are given the perfect platform to further and hone their skills. The College has thus received various accolades over the years including The Singapore Distinction Award for both 2009 and 2015. They also received The Singapore Quality Class in 2009-2015.

If you are expecting to get the best university education, then going through Nanyang Junior College is a viable idea. It is also near to Forest Woods showflat location. It has all that one needs to further academics while at the same time instilling real life leadership skills.