Paya Lebar Methodist Girl's School Forest Woods Serangoon Central

Serangoon is a residential town, which makes it enjoy most of the advanced amenities. The Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School is one of the iconic academic institutions in the area. The upcoming Forest Wood residence will enjoy access to this school since it is just a few yards away. For anyone seeking some residence, access to affordable but quality education is always a point of consideration.

Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School Forest Woods

It is a Methodist-Church sponsored school located on Lorong Soo in the Serangoon town of Singapore. Since this is an old town, the school enjoys structures from the ancient times. Although with time the management keeps renovating the structures, the ancient academic look is still evident. With the school slogan of looking up to lift up, it is among the best schools in Singapore.

The Methodist church has laid the Christian foundation in the school near Forest Woods by City Developments Limited (CDL). This has made the school to rate among the most disciplined school in Serangoon. With discipline comes academic excellence and talent nurturing, which has made this institution a centre of excellence. Since it came up to sensitize the society on the need to promote gender equality, girls who pass through the school get empowerment.

Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School Serangoon Lorong Lew Lian

The school is established near to the location of Forest Woods has both the primary and the Secondary section. This is always to the advantage of the students who start from the primary section and proceed to secondary section in the same school. It promotes consistency, which is healthy for academic excellence. Given its prestigious nature, the school focuses on quality and relevance of the syllabus.

The school prides in curriculum activity excellence with a number of awards on their name, such as the CCA awards. Due to the schools tradition to focus on innovative education, the science clubs are among the best performing. In addition, the large population in the school, of over 2800 students, has mixed talents that the clubs excavate, bringing out all the potential in the girls.

Forest Woods Condo Lew Lian CDL

Other than, the development clubs, the school prides in unique students facilities meant to nurture the girl to overall fitness near Forestwoods. The well-equipped gym is a fitness room for the girls with facilities for all kinds of girls. A library and bookshop are also available within the school to facilitate research and make learning easier for the girls.

The Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School also enjoys a unique health center with a dentist section. Since it is a large academic institution, there are big games pitches with different markings for all the sports.

The school promises to empower all the girls that pass through it. This makes it an academic institution one would choose if living near the Forest Woods.