Maris Stella High School near Lorong Lew Lian Serangoon CDL Condo

Within 55 years, Maris Stella High School has risen through the ranks and become one of the most elite schools in Singapore. The institution is not only regarded a center of excellence, but also an all rounded learning environment. Here a few things you probably didn’t know about the school.

The school was founded in 1958 by Reverend Brother J. Chanel. The reverend saw the need of opening another school after a Catholic high school run by the Marist Brother received overwhelming applications from hundreds of students. What a noble idea from the Reverend? During its initial stages, near Forest woods, in 1987, the school was moved a number of times, before it finally settled on where it is now.

Maris Stella High School near Forest Woods Lorong Lew Lian

The school rise to become one of the most elite schools in Singapore near Forest Woods by CDL Serangoon can be described using only one word; inspiring. In what could send a clear message that humble beginning doesn’t matter, the school first started with only four primary one classes and four secondary one classes with a total of 287 pupils; 163 and 124 in primary one classes and 124 in secondary one classes. The school had eleven members of staff including the principal.

Forestwoods Residences Maris Stella High School Serangoon

Taking into considerations for school near Forest Woods Lew Lian all the things the school has to offer to its students, it is now ranked some of the best institution parents can take their kids. For example, Maris High School located in Serangoon Central offers a number of classes, as well as, programs to equip the students with the best education before joining top universities within and without the country. Sounds amazing, isn’t?

The school is leader in ICT programs. Since 2005 alone, the school is has established itself an as center of excellence when in comes to ICT programs. The best part; even after achieving such a milestone that has not been enough for the school; they are now developing a media resource center project. This project is expected to change the way things have always been done; video and audio resources will be use to enhance teaching and learning. With all that, what else can you possibly ask for?

Maris Stella Forest Woods Serangoon

Last but not least; in what could see the school become a darling to many, Maris Stella School at Serangoon Central besides NEX Shopping Mall is an award winning learning institution. In year 2002, this amazing learning center was given the N4 Cluster of Excellence for information & communication technology. Other prestigious award the school has raked in over the years include the Singapore Distinction Class as well as Sustained Achievement Awards. For the school, the sky is truly the limit.