Forest Woods Launching Date and Pricing from $6xxK

Serangoon is becoming a new residential development hub. The serenity and human friendly environment makes it developers’ favourite. The Forest wood residential complex is one of the upcoming real estate developments in this area. The property will be giving the residents a lease offer of 99 years, which makes it a cheaper option to other residential.

Forest Woods Pricing Guide from $6xxK

The modern residential complexes have to incorporate sustainability, style and affordability. With the Forest Woods, the layouts are different to include all the prospect customers’ needs. It has over 500 units of different sizes and specifications. In addition, the common facilities such as parking and swimming pool are adequate for the whole residence. Affordable pricing for Forest Woods start as below.

*Forest Woods Price Guide*

1 Bedroom fr $688k
2 Bedroom fr $838k
2 Bedroom + Study fr $878k
2 Bedroom + Study Premium fr $998k
3 Bedroom fr $1.1m 1.2m
3 Bedroom Premium fr $1.32m
4 Bedroom from $1.65m

City developers, who are behind this project indicated that the launching date is this Saturday and have always had some style in their construction. Looking at the brochure provided by the developer, Forest Woods is no exception and the condominiums styles are prestigious. Most of the units have luxurious facilities that enable the residents feel the taste of modern living. Serangoon has been a residential town for many years now. This has promoted developments of essential residential amenities. Forest Woods will definitely take advantage of this.

Forestwoods Lew Lian Launch Date Saturday

Many reliable transport means that you can use to access the residential complex are available. The Serangoon MRT, Expressways and the bus station are yards a few yards away. This makes accessibility by both public and private means very easy and reliable. Traveling to and from the City is also fast with no traffic jams. Due to the residential culture of the town, the residents will have access to green grocers and numerous shops around the town. The grocers are notorious with fresh greens and fruits from the farmers around. The NEX shopping complex is beside the Forest Woods Complex. This caters for all specialized shopping needs of the residents.

Modern residential houses require a reliable security model that the residents can trust. With this in mind, the developers are using Smart Security Synchronization for all the units. In addition, there are strategic guardrooms all over the complex. For style, the units enjoy an executive outlook and a prestigious finish. Since it is a lease property, the style is to last for over a century to cater for the resale value after the 99-year lease. Grohe and Boch is the most probable finish for the units.

Forestwoods Launching Date Brochure Here

Forest Woods enjoys many of the benefits of the Serangoon Residential culture. There are many public and private institutions, from kindergartens to colleges. The Zheng Yang Primary school and the Lebar School are just at the residents’ horizon. For those residents who want City schools, the Expressways and MRT stations will provide a reliable and fast access to the schools.