Maris Stella High School

Singapore’s Maris Stella High School was founded more than fifty-five years ago and has been providing students with a well-rounded education since the day it opened. In it’s very first year in 1958, Maris Stella High School consisted of only four primary and four secondary students. Bilingualism, human and academic excellence are the main focus of Maris Stella High School.

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After expanding and moving several times over the last five decades near Forest Woods, Maris Stella finally settled into its current permanent location in 1987. In 2002, this elite school was awarded the N4 Cluster of Excellence for Information and Communication Technology. Among other awards bestowed upon Maris Stella are the Singapore Distinction Class and Sustained Achievement Awards.

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Maris Stella High School at Serangoon Central offers a variety of classes and programs to help their students get the education they need to go on to University and to become leaders in life. Among basic classes such as math and science, Maris Stella High School offers a range of sports and aesthetics options for students as well. Special programs offers are the Bi-cultural programme, Values education, Year head programme, Leadership program, Etiquette programme, and more. These programs go above and beyond providing a basic education and are the building blocks for a well-rounded, well-mannered, knowledgeable adult.

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Maris Stella High School is well-known for its established Center of Excellence ICT program since 2005. They are working on a Media Development Centre project that will allow for the use of audio and video resources for teaching and learning purposes across all educational subjects in the school to enhance and improve each students learning experience. Under this program, using a 1 to 1 Learning Program, each student is given a MacBook to use with the latest technology to provide the most exceptional learning experience they can receive.
Maris Stella High School has gone above and beyond to provide each student with the tools they need to succeed and excel in life. They offer programs for everyone, pushing information technology, which is the building block of today’s education. Any student graduating from this school will move on to bigger and better things as they grow into the leaders of the future.